HSE restricting surgery referrals

I want to draw the attention of the Members of the House to an article in the front of today’s Irish Examiner entitled, “HSE to restrict 20 most common surgeries”, which states that access to hip replacements and skin operations will be restricted. I would be insistent that the Leader would ask the Minister to clarify for us, preferably in this House, exactly what is this change in policy. Apparently, in the State which has the smallest number of surgeons per head of population of any country in the western world and where, as a result, waiting lists balloon, there has been an increased demand for operations of approximately 22% over recent years. If one thinks this one through for a second, the HSE will decrease the demand by instructing general practitioners not to refer patients for surgeries which the general practitioners think they may need. This is as bizarre an idea as I have ever heard. One bureaucracy of the State, the HSE, is engaging another bureaucracy of the State, HIQA, to assess the appropriateness of surgeries which are referred by a small number of general practitioners to a tiny number of consultants in the country which has the longest waiting lists in the western world. This is crazy economics and crazy medicine. It is administration gone mad.

The surgeries they are talking about include the removal of skin lesions. I would remind the Members of this House that Ireland has become one of the leading countries in the world for skin cancer and malignant melanoma. The number of cases and the number of deaths doubled between 1998 and 2008 and likely will increase further. When general practitioners look at a spot and wonder whether they should refer it to a surgeon to be removed, they now will have their hands stilled by the bureaucrats who are telling them not to do it. We really need urgent clarification on this.

3 Responses to “HSE restricting surgery referrals”
  1. ladyportia27 says:

    “This is crazy economics and crazy medicine. It is administration gone mad.”

    No it is not, once you understand energy and souls and psychopathic predators and auto genocide.

    You could write the manual yourself if you were aware.

  2. ladyportia27 says:

    Yes , the more pain and suffering the more food for the predators- down to your last dying atom.

    I cannot believe you are a doctor and not know these laws

  3. ladyportia27 says:

    Seek clarification for sure, but you will find the response is a run around the garden using cp tactics and you end up in a tail spin yourself.

    You will have to pin these people to the wall to get any response and what they say will not be what they think.

    Ask any psychologist how this scene operates.

    They will grind you down- attrition through stress until you piss off and leave them in control.

    A psychopathic system simply needs taking down- from the top to the bottom,,,,,flip the pyramid of power and see who drops first.

    Eire- Dragon energy,Guardians awaken

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