HSE – wasteful expenditure and silencing of medical journalists

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business]

I request the Deputy Leader to get a commitment from the Department of Health that a report card will be submitted to us on the results of this very expensive – and I believe utterly wasteful – management consultancy exercise that Professor Robert S. Kaplan conducted on behalf of the HSE at huge cost and at a time that we have such a shortage of nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, speech therapists and where children are waiting so long for services. Will a report be given to the Members of this Chamber of the specific recommendations – in other words a value for money report – on the value for money consultancy? I think we need it.

I am glad that we have a lawyer of great repute acting as Leader this morning. I am still so incensed over this issue that the HSE was able to go to the Press Ombudsman in an attempt to silence wholly legitimate political criticism of the current policy with respect to medical cards. It is my intention in my next Private Members’ Bill to attempt to introduce legislation which would limit the rights of publicly-funded bodies to resort to legal or other threats when they perceive that they have been “defamed”. Criticising a public body is not defamation, it is democracy.

One Response to “HSE – wasteful expenditure and silencing of medical journalists”
  1. Eileen O'Sullivan says:

    Well said

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