Appointment of John McNulty to IMMA Board

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business]

It is very regrettable we did not have an opportunity to ask all our questions yesterday evening and such questions as were asked were not answered. I refer to a couple of core questions which the Minister, Deputy Humphreys, needs to answer. Part of the qualification of anyone to serve on a State board – I would not dispute the qualifications of the gentleman, Mr. McNulty in terms of his life experience or career trajectory – but part of the qualifications for any job – I know because it has been asked of me when I have gone to interviews – is whether the applicant can actually do the job, whether he or she will be here in a year’s time or in two years’ time or whether he or she intends to leave. The hard question that the Minister needs to answer is if, when she nominated Mr. McNulty, she realised that it was overwhelmingly likely that this gentleman would become a Fine Gael Senator within a very few short weeks into his tenure as a member of the board of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. That is a key question which in my view was not answered and to which we need an answer.

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