Dental Health - The importance

When you are chosing a dental clinc, or a dentist, its important that you take time to research your options, and pick wisely. In Ireland today there is a lot of options in terms of dental clincs, and adding to that the individual has the option of travelling abroad for dental treatment.

In Wicklow, and bray in particular there are various options in terms of Dental health providors. I started my search on Google and picked out one clinic in particular due to their better reviews and happy patients. This is after I made a list of the clinics that are featured and that appeal to me. Remember the sponsored clinics have paid to be on the first position, they have not necessarily been selected by Google as suiting your search criteria.

This clinic has been around a long time then which suggested to me that they probably have a good track record.

I wanted to make sure that the dental clinic selected is a one-stop shop that provides a comprehensive range of treatment procedures including root canal treatments, dental implants, bone augmentation, crowns, bridgework, CT scan analysis. Ideally the clinic will have an on-site laboratory. I also looked for details of the qualifications of the dentists. Are there different experts in each field of dentistry or is the same person an expert in all aspect of dentistry? The latter is obviously not a good sign. I also looked for references provided by the clinic and ask to be put in touch with the ones you like, that way you will find out if they are real or not. Talk to people who have had treatment some years ago, not last week. You want your dental treatment to stand the test of time.Finally I looked at the costs involved for dental treatment in bray and made my decision.

Treatment needed

I was looking in this particular instance for Dental implants, and I wanted to get treatment for dental implants in bray, The costs, and contact i had with the dental clinc reassured me that I was making the right choice. If I was willing to travel to dublin, I found another clinic who provide dental implants in dublin

Getting there

If you are coming from wicklow centre, here is the map which may be useful

On the other hand, if you are coming from dublin airport this may help

Finally if you are coming from Bray centre, you will have an easier job finding this clinic


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