For Fine Gael to get in bed with Sinn Fein would be indefensible

Eamonn Farrell - Photocall Ireland

[As published in The Sunday Independent on 9 November 2014] SF’s tainted past shows it exhausted all the alternatives to democracy before adopting it. Two recent radio interviews troubled me. Vincent Browne predicted during the week that Fine Gael and Sinn Fein would, presumably after much ostentatious nose-holding, do business when we elect our next … Continue reading

Leo now stands at a major crossroads

Health Care Reform

[As published in the Sunday Independent on 14 September 2014] Minister can avoid Reilly’s fate to be the face of health reform instead of re-election puppet. There was a rich symbolism in the release of a video of former Health Minister James Reilly being drenched in the Ice-Bucket Challenge, in the same week that it … Continue reading

Varadkar must harness his aloofness, arrogance and self-regard to succeed

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[As published in the Sunday Independent on Sunday July 13, 2014] ‘Varadkar is sufficiently unmindful of his master’s bidding to ignore attempts to transform the department into an office of the Campaign to Re-Elect the Taoiseach’ Former transport minister has been the stand-out performer in Government so far. TWO apparently unrelated events this week might … Continue reading

We must dream to escape nightmare; Statistics show that our beleaguered health system is the sick man of Europe


As published in The Sunday Independent on 27th October 2013 FRIENDS I have a dream today. I have a dream of an Irish health service where every woman, every man and every child could see the same doctor in the same hospital or clinic following the same reasonable wait if they have the same illness, … Continue reading

We need firm action to solve healthcare crisis, not another pointless, costly report; Reform of the system is being blocked by civil servants, politicians and quango-crats

Health Care Reform

As published in the Sunday Independent on 13 October 2013 WHILE there has been appropriate criticism of the standard of clinical care delivered to the late Savita Hallapanavar by frontline professionals in Galway, another group of people bear substantial responsibility for her tragic death and that of her unborn child. These are Brendan Howlin, Michael … Continue reading

Honesty beat spin on Seanad vote… it’s now time for reform; The thoughtful electorate were troubled by Enda Kenny’s obstinate refusal to debate and the bullying of his party on future reform. There’s no time for sulking now… just action

As published in the Irish Daily Mail on 7 October 2013 THERE was a sense that the momentum was moving toward the No side in the days preceding the Seanad abolition referendum, but that perhaps it was too late. The turnaround on the day was, however, simply extraordinary, and I don’t think is entirely explained … Continue reading

Whatever the Seanad result, I will forever be horrified by the lies, spin and smears of a Government I helped elect

As published in the Irish Daily Mail on 4 October 2013 I HAVE voted Fine Gael either No.1 or No.2 in every general election of my adult life. I endorsed Enda Kenny for Taoiseach in 2007 and 2011, and joy fully welcomed his accession to power. I truly hoped that his election would usher in … Continue reading

Vested interests will be only ones to benefit if senators shown door

As published in the Sunday Independent on 29 September 2013 Getting rid of the upper house is a cynical ploy that won’t save a cent. Ask yourself one question as Enda requests that you abolish one half of our national parliament. Cui bono? Who benefits? Vested interests are pushing Seanad extinction as a smokescreen to … Continue reading

I’d be happy to debate Enda about his referendum at a time and place of his choosing


The conclusion that the Seanad abolition referendum is nothing less than a power grab by a Taoiseach who is decreasingly tolerant of dissent in increasingly difficult to challenge. Firstly, the arguments advanced by Mr Kenny in support of abolition are absurd. In the second instance, the man has form. He has truly surprised me with … Continue reading

Seanad recall: organ donation finally gets attention it deserves; Far from being a publicity stunt, the debate was a great help to organ donation

Eamonn Farrell - Photocall Ireland

As published in the Sunday Independents on 25 August 2013 WHEN a person has irreversible, endstage failure of the heart, lungs or liver, death is sadly inevitable. It can be a lingering death, which although delayed and palliated by medication, inflicts upon its victims a dreadful helplessness while they bear witness to their own decline. … Continue reading