Errors in HIPE data and Roscommon Hospital

On a serious issue, the debate about hospital services, local versus central, centres of excellence versus local access, is one that needs to be conducted in a calm and rational fashion. With good heart, honesty and thoughtfulness, people will come to different conclusions. It is something which should be decided, probably not in parliamentary chambers … Continue reading

The Value of the Community and Voluntary Sector

Before making some general points, I would like to make one specific point. It is probably not widely known that virtually all the clinical medical research which takes place in this country is undertaken voluntarily. Almost no doctors are paid as part of their contract to do medical research. Most of those who do research, … Continue reading

Forcing workers to retire at 65 is madness

Insane system makes people who love work and pay tax dependent on a destitute State. Every little boy who kicks a rolled-up sock past the imaginary goalkeeper guarding the imaginary goal in his bedroom door dreams of scoring the winning goal some day in a World Cup final. Something only a little less unrealistic secretly … Continue reading