My Vision

My Fellow Citizens of Ireland,

I am delighted to have received your support for my independent candidacy for Seanad Éireann on the National University panel.

The political system has failed our country terribly. There is a critical need for fundamental reform if we are to survive and emerge from the present crisis. I am committed to introducing fresh thinking, and a different perspective to our Oireachtas.

I have a solid track record of professional achievement and of public advocacy and I will continue this fight in the Seanad. I was an early public whistleblower concerning the terrible deficiencies in our cancer services. My election will not prevent me continuing in this role, I will remain a consistent advocate for reform of our health system.

John Crown

4 Responses to “My Vision”
  1. “The political system has failed our country terribly.”

    That is the whole idea – auto-genocide.

    History repeating itself……as we have not learned.

  2. john charles mcquaide or fintan o toole whats the difference says:

    The citizens of Ireland didnt elect you.
    You got to your useless overpaid position by posing to a liberal elite.For the citizens of
    Ireland you are an unelectable out of touch bigot

    • thekitcheneconomist says:

      For your information, Professor Crown was elected, though the electorate was limited to the graduates of the National University of Ireland.

      While this is hardly an ideal scenario, when one looks at it from the perspective of maximising suffrage, it is something which we are hoping to address over the course of this term.

      Also John donates his Seanad salary to the Clinical Cancer Research Trust (CCRT) which supports the “Ned Ryan Fellow” Dr. Joe Duffy in his research into novel cancer treatments. Professor Crown also doesn’t accept any expenses for the position of senator.

      • Carm says:

        Fair play to you for telling it as it is. Of course he was elected and indeed he does not take any salary. He is one of the best Senators we have got

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