Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Bill


I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Kathleen Lynch, to the House. I have always found it a great pleasure to deal with her as she is helpful, co-operative and respectful to us here. I will say a few words about the Bill and ask the Minister of State to go on the record with … Read more

The need for a banking inquiry

I will preface my request for an amendment to the Order of Business that the Minister for Finance come to the House today and outline not only the timing but the terms of reference of the clearly much-needed banking inquiry, by reminding colleagues of one or two facts. Recently we spoke about drugs for malignant … Read more

Seanad Electoral Reform Bill


I am not advancing this Bill because I wish to preserve the Seanad in the face of extinction by way of referendum; rather, I advance it because I wish to offer something better and something we have never had, namely, a truly democratic Chamber that would draw the citizens of the Republic closer to the … Read more

Personal Insolvency Bill

I welcome the Minister who has the zeal of a reformer, which is always welcome, and I commend him on his attempt to improve the unsatisfactory regime in place for people with difficulties in their personal finances. With goodwill, good legislation will emerge, which will generally improve the climate. There is a cultural backdrop to … Read more

Mortgage Credit (Loans and Bonds) Bill


This is a brief interjection. I call on the Minister of State to ask the Minister for Finance if he will consider some fundamental changes in the way we do our financial business with regard to the question of mortgage debt and bank sustainability. This is a time of national emergency. Let us reflect on … Read more

If our bankers had been doctors they’d have told us all to smoke

The Taoiseach needs to tell the Germans their banks’ mad gambles were to blame as well. WHILE I believe that Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s comments at Davos have been exploited by those with political axes to grind, the remarks themselves were inaccurate, and the venue chosen to utter them — the World Economic Forum — was … Read more