Health – Transplant Services; Waiting Lists; Breast Cancer Drugs; Vaccination Rates

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I also request that the Minister come in and update us on the transplant situation. Over the past few years, those in charge of transplant policy in the country have felt it has been very unco-ordinated. We have seen other examples of problems in the health service … Continue reading

Seanad comments today 20th of December

Conflicts of interest in the new health insurance market forum and the Magdalene laundries

It has just been announced that 2,000 people are waiting for hospice services due to an appalling lack of hospice beds and I must say that puts everything else we will say today into perspective. I would like two issues of conflict of interest addressed. One is a specific query for the Leader to address … Continue reading

Melanoma patients: unequal cover from health insurers and long waiting lists for dermatologists

I have an urgent request for the Leader to bring to the attention of the Minister for Health something that has been bubbling under the radar for several weeks, the uneven access to cancer treatments for patients with private health insurance, depending on which company they are with. This causes spin-off problems for the public … Continue reading

Pharmaceutical influence on Government policy

Several colleagues have alluded to the issue already but I want the Leader to seek clarification from the Minister for Health regarding reports of contacts between high-level members of the pharmaceutical sector and the Government in terms of developing policy on drug prices and what the State is prepared to pay. By way of information … Continue reading

Proposing the ‘Access to Cancer Treatment Bill’

cancer drugs

I commend the Bill. I acknowledge it as very innovative potential legislation. I am not a starry eyed idealist. I know we live in a real world. I know that every penny I prescribe is a penny that is not available for some other part of the health service or, indeed, some other part of … Continue reading

Decision to reject Mater displays a total lack of vision

New children’s hospital was rejected in same week the existing one cancelled eye surgery “There are none as blind as they who will not see”. — John Heywood The unintentional irony of the fact that one arm of the State — An Bord Pleanala — acted to preserve the panoramic vista of Temple St and … Continue reading

Cancer survival rates and access to cancer treatment drugs

Some rather disturbing figures were presented over the weekend which showed that in terms of international survival rates for cancer in the OECD — the group of economically developed nations — this country is faring badly and is anchored close to the bottom of the list. It is at the bottom of the list for … Continue reading

Redeployment of HSE and Department of Health staff

Hawkins house

Will the Leader ask the relevant Ministers if they would consider a voluntary redeployment of those in officialdom in the health system who have been designated potential candidates for redundancy as a result of the perception of an excess of some people in official capacities following the merger of the health boards into the Health … Continue reading

ICORG ….. a success story for cancer research

I wish to raise a little “Is féidir linn” success story which the Leader could forward to the Minister for Health and the Minister of State with responsibility for medical research to see how it could be developed. Recently, the All Ireland Co-operative Oncology Research Group, ICORG, celebrated its twelfth anniversary. It was founded at … Continue reading