Children’s Hospital; Energy; Obesity and; Banking Inquiry

[Speaking during Order of Business in the Seanad] Link to video: In the context of news reports earlier today, will the Leader seek clarification from the Minister for Health and his Department on whether the discovery of a hitherto unsuspected complex and fairly ancient sewer system under the site for the proposed national children’s … Continue reading

National Children’s Hospital to be located at St. James’s Hospital

I begin by saying, unambiguously, well done and congratulations to the Minister. It was a good decision. In a country with six medical schools for 4.5 million people – twice the European average and three times the North American average – it was pretty obvious that people were going to be unhappy no matter which … Continue reading

Crisis in Paediatric Care and the Location of New Children’s Hospital

There is an ….. unfolding crisis in paediatric medical care, specifically with respect to the disclosures made that the two leading largest children’s hospital — real hospitals, not some fantasy on some architect’s drawing board — have been confronted with catastrophic cutbacks and crises. These crises were precipitated by a strategic decision that all short … Continue reading

An Bord Pleanála’s Rejection of National Children’s Hospital Application

I must admit that I am incandescent with rage to discover that we live in a “banana-pleanála republic”, which is what we now have as a result of the catastrophic decision about the national children’s hospital. I know others have raised the matter but a couple of facts must go onto the public record. There … Continue reading

Overwork is the main cause of doctor error

Doctor Errors

Medical errors have recently re-entered the public domain. The tragic case of the child in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin who had a healthy kidney removed by accident has caused understandable concern. It is widely recognised that medical error is common in Ireland, and unsurprisingly our country has one of the highest rates of medical … Continue reading

Crumlin Hospital


Minister of Health and Children Mary Harney recently told the Dail that the root cause of the ward and operating theatre closures in Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, closures which have resulted in cancelled operations and the lengthening of already unprecedentedly long waiting lists in an institution with a grotesque doctor shortage, was … Continue reading