Hospital services and the need for reform

Speaking during Seanad debate on Hospital Services I will take a moment to compliment the Minister on the good work he is doing on the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill. It has not been an easy passage but the Minister has addressed it while others have neglected it. When the story of these times … Continue reading

EU Regulations regarding clinical trials

Speaking during the Address to Seanad Éireann by Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn I am involved in clinical research and I am troubled by the track record and future plans of the European Commission in this field. In 2001, the European clinical trials directive was put in place that was widely seen by those in the field … Continue reading

EU-proposed changes to clinical trials approval and data protection which could adversely effect cancer research; drug pricing strategy of pharmaceuticals; campaign to end tobacco trade

Speaking during the Address to Seanad Éireann by Nessa Childers, MEP I welcome Ms Childers, who has been a wonderful ambassador for our country in the European Parliament. I speak as a committed European and, in many ways, as an anti-nationalist with a small “n”. I have this theory that, in 50 or 100 years … Continue reading

Medical Research -proposed changes to ethical research committees

I request the Leader to consider having a debate on medical and biomedical research, which is a very important sector of the economy. Not only does it increase the standards of science and medicine, and the standards of research, but it also improves clinical outcomes for patients and has positive and beneficial effects for the … Continue reading

Philantrophy and the charitable and not-for-profit sectors


It is appropriate that attention be brought to bear on this sector. I also welcome the fact that the Government will pay some attention to the not-for-profit and charitable sectors, which are somewhat distinct. I speak with a little authority on this issue and wish to give the House an opportunity to understand how a … Continue reading

Generic drugs, pharmaceuticals, reform of the health service.

[Speaking on the Health (Alteration of Criteria for Eligibility) Bill 2013] … I speak from the perspective of having worked in the health service. The issue of drugs is deadly simple. The Government should pass a law to make it mandatory to use generic drugs unless there is a specific doctor-ordered exception to the rule, … Continue reading

Health issues to bring to the fore during Ireland’s EU Presidency

Speaking on … Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union – I will mention some technical issues that I hope we will have the chance to address and perhaps direct some oversight on during the Irish Presidency. There is a data protection directive coming from Europe and I will attend discussions in Brussels … Continue reading

Investment in Science, Technology and Innovation

While he (Minister of State, Seán Sherlock) has been given a major task in what is clearly a very challenging time for the Government and State, he has also been given a great opportunity to the extent that if there is one bright spot on the horizon, one little glimmer of light in what sometimes … Continue reading

Redeployment of HSE and Department of Health staff

Hawkins house

Will the Leader ask the relevant Ministers if they would consider a voluntary redeployment of those in officialdom in the health system who have been designated potential candidates for redundancy as a result of the perception of an excess of some people in official capacities following the merger of the health boards into the Health … Continue reading

ICORG ….. a success story for cancer research

I wish to raise a little “Is féidir linn” success story which the Leader could forward to the Minister for Health and the Minister of State with responsibility for medical research to see how it could be developed. Recently, the All Ireland Co-operative Oncology Research Group, ICORG, celebrated its twelfth anniversary. It was founded at … Continue reading