Ireland has the worst managed healthcare system in the developed world

Health Care Reform

While Ireland does not have the worst quality of healthcare, it is run by technically deficient, medically illiterate bureaucrats, says Professor John Crown. What healthcare model should we be looking to? AS IT IS currently structured, the Irish healthcare system ensures that people spend an inordinate amount of time not being treated for what ails … Continue reading

Proposing the ‘Access to Cancer Treatment Bill’

cancer drugs

I commend the Bill. I acknowledge it as very innovative potential legislation. I am not a starry eyed idealist. I know we live in a real world. I know that every penny I prescribe is a penny that is not available for some other part of the health service or, indeed, some other part of … Continue reading

Nursing Education

…….. I welcome and urge implementation of an increased curricular emphasis on gerontology, geriatric medicine and nursing, and care of the elderly. This is critically important not only in nursing care but also in medical care – I believe it is fundamental. …. the precedent of psychiatric nursing, which has followed a somewhat unique model … Continue reading

Picture a car filled with second-hand smoke and child in the seat

Ex-smoker John Crown explains why he wants to ban smokers from lighting up inside cars with children present. I AM a former smoker. I was addicted to tobacco products. I often reached for the cigarette first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. I smoked when I was a medical student, when I … Continue reading

A Bureausceptic View of Health Reform

A beureauskeptic view of health reform

Business and Finance – June 2007 There was a strange irony in the recent election. Minister Harney, a politician with an impeccable small-government low-tax reputation went to the country defending her record, which consisted of developing a huge, all-powerful tax-guzzling health bureaucracy. Liz McManus, her prospective Labour party replacement as Minister for Health, who came from … Continue reading

Discussing the Health (Provision of General Practitioner Services) Bill

I welcome this important Bill because there was a problem with the structures for entrance into general practice which was having negative downstream effects on the service delivered to patients. This legislation will remedy this and increase the ease with which suitably trained and experienced doctors can get access to general practice. It will also … Continue reading

Putting reform on the long finger will only cost us more

Reilly’s first 10 months in office have not delivered the radical change he promised. It is hard to imagine a more daunting set of political challenges for a novice minister than those facing Minister for Health Dr James Reilly when he bravely assumed office 10 months ago. With his ministerial seal, Dr Reilly inherited a … Continue reading