Calling on Irish Government to Intervene in Case of Asia Bibi

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] Will the Leader ask the Minister for Justice and Equality to make representations to the Pakistani Government on behalf of Asia Bibi who has been in prison for the past four years for the crime of blasphemy. I find it very offensive that in any country anywhere … Continue reading

Toulouse Murder

I would like to associate myself with some of the remarks made about the anti-Semitic murders in Toulouse last week. When we read the circumstances of how the Sandler family were almost exterminated and eight year old Myriam Monsenego was pursued into a schoolyard by a gunman who held her by the hair while he … Continue reading

Iranian Death Sentence

…. Has a formal representation has been made to the Iranian Embassy with respect to Pastor Nadarkhani, the Christian minister in Iran who has been sentenced to death for apostasy, denying what is perceived to be the one true faith in Iran? Has there been any formal representation on this? I bring to the attention … Continue reading

Santorum should be careful what he wishes for. . .

Secularism gives minorities a chance to thrive. Others are far less fortunate. Rick Santorum is in a predicament of the most exceptional awkwardness. The devoutly Roman Catholic US Republican presidential candidate hopeful is desperately courting the mainly southern and mid-western conservative vote, a constituency which is disproportionately evangelical Protestant and historically, anti-Catholic. While fundamentalist Catholics … Continue reading

Iranian Execution

In other sad news, it appears that the Iranian Government has launched the next stage of the legal process to execute Pastor Nadarkhani for no other crime than being a Christian. I thank the House for its attention and I hope the Leader will bring this issue to the attention of the Tánaiste and Minister … Continue reading

Human rights issues: Bahraini doctors; Pastor Nadarkhani; Teresa Treacy

Three more contemporary issues need to be discussed this morning. One of these is something we have dealt with before. I am asking my colleagues in the Seanad, the Leader and the leaders of the other parties if they would consider a further all-party motion in support of the Bahraini doctors who, since we last … Continue reading