Pension Reform and Mandatory Retirement

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I propose an amendment to the Order of Business seeking the attendance of the Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection in the House today to outline a timeline on the critical issue of pension reform in light of the data which came out today from the Pensions … Continue reading

National Treasury Management Agency

[Speaking in the Seanad during Second Stage of the National Treasury Management Agency Bill] We were always taught that pensions were sacrosanct, that they were different. A pension was a special kind of saving one made and certain rules applied in respect of it. One could not touch one’s pension. If one experienced a very … Continue reading

Social Welfare Bill

(Committee Stage in the Seanad) I will not get involved in any recrimination, name calling or umbrage. I know the Minister is a caring person. I also know she is not an unthoughtful person. In the big spectrum of contemporary politicians she would be from a tradition that puts some thought and – to use … Continue reading

Personal Insolvency Bill

I welcome the Minister who has the zeal of a reformer, which is always welcome, and I commend him on his attempt to improve the unsatisfactory regime in place for people with difficulties in their personal finances. With goodwill, good legislation will emerge, which will generally improve the climate. There is a cultural backdrop to … Continue reading

Mortgage Credit (Loans and Bonds) Bill


This is a brief interjection. I call on the Minister of State to ask the Minister for Finance if he will consider some fundamental changes in the way we do our financial business with regard to the question of mortgage debt and bank sustainability. This is a time of national emergency. Let us reflect on … Continue reading

End mandatory retirement and no Oireachtas pension until 65

As the Government is planning the final stages of the budget I again ask it, through the Leader, to consider something which was suggested by me in this House on several occasions, which I believe would save a great deal of money for the health service — my colleague, Senator White, feels strongly about it … Continue reading

Economic and Financial Developments

I wish to ask two financial questions. The first relates to privately held pension funds. I have been doing some research and at a time of a significant shortage of liquidity or money or solvency, whatever one wishes to call it, it is estimated that €100 billion is held in pension funds by Irish private … Continue reading

Family Home Bill 2011

The key message that must go out from this House is that, collectively, the body politic understands the effect, at a micro level, of what has happened at the macro-economic level. We must demonstrate an understanding that decisions made at high levels which led to major economic problems have had serious consequences for individuals. The … Continue reading

Social Welfare and Pensions Bill

Two issues are relevant ………… They relate to the fact that while we can agree there is a broad thrust in current pensions and retirement policy, which reflects a reality of where the country is economically, we need to change our attitude to the age of pensionability and also in regard to changing the relationship … Continue reading

How negative equity might be addressed

As I mentioned a few nights ago in a different context, I strongly believe one of the most frustrating things being reported to me regularly by friends and colleagues, including people in the accounting profession, is the fact that a large number of individuals in this country are either under a groaning debt of negative … Continue reading