EU-proposed changes to clinical trials approval and data protection which could adversely effect cancer research; drug pricing strategy of pharmaceuticals; campaign to end tobacco trade

Speaking during the Address to Seanad Éireann by Nessa Childers, MEP I welcome Ms Childers, who has been a wonderful ambassador for our country in the European Parliament. I speak as a committed European and, in many ways, as an anti-nationalist with a small “n”. I have this theory that, in 50 or 100 years … Read more

Generic drugs, pharmaceuticals, reform of the health service.

[Speaking on the Health (Alteration of Criteria for Eligibility) Bill 2013] … I speak from the perspective of having worked in the health service. The issue of drugs is deadly simple. The Government should pass a law to make it mandatory to use generic drugs unless there is a specific doctor-ordered exception to the rule, … Read more

Taking the long view on cancer vaccine would save a fortune

Published in the Sunday Independent on 9th November 2008 Poor economics is the hallmark of this latest ill-thought health policy. The tragic human toll of cervix cancer is such that there was palpable relief within the cancer community when two preventive vaccines against this virally-induced disease became available. Like many cancer specialists, I offered a … Read more