Seanad Reform

[Speaking in the Seanad during Statements on the Report of Working Group on Seanad Reform 2015] I welcome my two esteemed colleagues and thank them for the great work they have done in a spirit of public service. Any departures I might have from the consensus that may have existed within its group about its … Continue reading

Government’s Dismal Progress in Political Reform – We Need to Move Away from sheepdog-like behaviour

[Speaking in the Seanad during Committee Stage of Seanad Bill 2013] I am stunned at the effrontery of the Government side in trying to be so utterly obstructionist about every aspect of this Bill. Those Members were elected on the promise of political reform but have split themselves asunder on the issue of abolishing the … Continue reading

Political Reform

[Speaking during Order of Business in the Seanad] It is timely that we would ask the relevant Minister, who, in truth, would probably be the Taoiseach, to come to the House at some stage for a broad-ranging debate on political reform. At the time of the Seanad referendum last year substantial and welcome attention was … Continue reading

Hospital Waiting Lists

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I propose an amendment to the Order of Business that the Minister of Health come to the House today to deal with an urgent problem. It was urgent when the Members of this and the other House were elected three years ago and the issue remains unresolved, … Continue reading

Seanad Reform

My Vision

[Speaking in the Seanad on the Heads of the General Scheme of the Seanad Electoral (University Members) (Amendment) Bill ] The question before the Government of our Republic with respect to this Bill is a very simple one: does it believe in democracy or does it not? A second question is whether all citizens of … Continue reading

Local Government and Parliamentary Reform

[Speaking in the Seanad during Second Stage of the Local Government Reform Bill 2013] Gabhaim buíochas leis an gCathaoir agus leis an Seanadóir Bradford for giving me time. I will be very brief. I would like to draw an analogy that I am sure the Minister has heard many times today. It is in the … Continue reading

Oireachtas (Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices) (Amendment) Bill

[Speaking in the Seanad during Committee Stage of the Oireachtas (Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices) (Amendment) Bill 2013] I am very supportive of the Bill in its broad thrust and I am also supportive of the idea of reducing parliamentary expenses, with everything vouched for. I can think of no reason that would not be good … Continue reading