Hospital Waiting Lists

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I propose an amendment to the Order of Business that the Minister of Health come to the House today to deal with an urgent problem. It was urgent when the Members of this and the other House were elected three years ago and the issue remains unresolved, … Continue reading

The accepting of my amendment re gagging clause for GPs providing free medical care for under 6s

[Speaking during Committee Stage of the Health (General Practitioner Service) Bill, on my amendment to remove a gagging clause on GPs. My amendment was voted through and will be part of the legislation.] I move amendment No. 1: In page 7, between lines 10 and 11, to insert the following: “6. To amend section 58C … Continue reading

Cancer patients – medical cards and public-care costs

I would like the Leader to get formal clarification from the Minister for Health of the status of public patients in hospital who do not have medical cards. To my shame I was unaware of the financial and social service support lacuna in which these patients find themselves with daily charges for inpatient care to … Continue reading

Slip, slap, slop and save skin

Published in the Sunday Independent on 23rd May 2010 The increase in sunbed use and sun holidays has led to a large rise in cases of malignant melanoma. Cancer scare stories are usually unfounded, but one very scary, very true story about cancer in Ireland emerged in recent weeks. The National Cancer Registry published figures … Continue reading

Uneven cancer treatments mean Ireland is still lagging behind

Published in the Sunday Independent on 9th September, 2007 Patients losing out despite having quality surgeons. Over the last several weeks, women with a diagnosis, or suspected diagnosis of breast cancer, were plunged into justifiable doubt and in some cases near-panic about the accuracy of the tests which they had undergone. Statutory investigations or suspensions … Continue reading

HSE are the real villains of the piece

Published in Sunday Independent, 8 April, 2007 DURING the past week we have been treated to the sorry spectacle of a powerful, relatively well-paid vested interest group of health care professionals abandoning those cherished values of compassion, kindness and understanding which many citizens previously and naively assumed had motivated their professional actions. In the process, … Continue reading

Our lives have more value than these health system cost controls

Published in Sunday Independent, 1 April, 2007 MANY doctors have reservations about the most recent health service bureaucracy, the Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA), which was unveiled last the week – incidentally by the same PR company that represents the nursing homes which it will inspect. The agency, initiated by Micheal Martin when he was … Continue reading

Stagnant ideology on health is a sickening business

Published in the Sunday Independent, 25 March, 2007 THE excellent Prime Time series on the ongoing health-reform debacle made for very depressing viewing. The most upsetting parts were the harrowing stories of the women who suffered the consequences of delayed cancer diagnoses. Tragically, one died. Another had to wait seven months for utterly routine tests, … Continue reading

PDs’ apartheid health system will not benefit public patients

Published in the Sunday Independent, 18 February, 2007 THE current health reforms represent the greatest con perpetrated by the Right upon the Left since the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939, (in which the Soviet Union co-operated with the Nazi destruction of Poland). Many contemporary left-wing commentators, believing that they were defending socialism, became Nazi apologists overnight. … Continue reading