Restriction of Choice of Hospital for Public Patients

I would like .. to seek clarification from the Minister for Health on two issues, the first of which relates to an emerging policy of public patients being stripped of their choice of public hospital. That is occurring in this country. It has serious implications for many citizens who would like aspects of their care … Read more

Speaking on the Tribunal of Inquiry into Certain Planning Matters and Payments

The reality is that there is a perception, whether correct or not, that the practice of politics in this country is and has been for a long time somewhat corrupt, which is why the outbreak of rectitude and umbrage we are seeing in the wake of the various tribunal reports is being greeted somewhat sceptically … Read more

Muzzling Doctors and Denying Drugs: The Real Culture War in Medicine

Muzzeling Doctors, Denying Drugs

Sunday Independent  – 11th Feb 2007 In the current climate, any senior medical specialist who expresses reservations about the patient care implications of any aspect of Minister Harney’s proposed new consultant contract, will be subject to the accusation that he or she is obscuring personal financial self-interest behind a smokescreen of public advocacy. Despite this, … Read more

Stalin’s Surprising Legacy: the HSE


The comments from Ombudsman Emily O ‘Reilly that the Health Service Executive was rotten, and that it had a culture of secrecy should come as no surprise to health service observers. Personally, I believe that it, and its silent partner and political wing, the Department of Health and Children, collectively comprise one of the least … Read more