Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution

I have an unusual request for the Leader. I would like him to ask the Taoiseach if the Government would consider the wisdom of introducing an oath of allegiance to the Constitution for all Members of the Oireachtas. We must be one of the few parliaments in the world that does not have such an … Read more

Santorum should be careful what he wishes for. . .

Secularism gives minorities a chance to thrive. Others are far less fortunate. Rick Santorum is in a predicament of the most exceptional awkwardness. The devoutly Roman Catholic US Republican presidential candidate hopeful is desperately courting the mainly southern and mid-western conservative vote, a constituency which is disproportionately evangelical Protestant and historically, anti-Catholic. While fundamentalist Catholics … Read more

Traditional tribalism means we always hang with our own

Published in the Sunday Independent on 6th January, 2008 We are a nation of few ideals served by two main parties with practically identical ideologies, writes John Crown Deputy Martin Mansergh’s recent “unattributed re-iteration” of the famous Benjamin Franklin line (originally uttered by that great American patriot and polymath after he and his revolutionary colleagues … Read more