Lack of career structure in the area of medical research

[Speaking in the Seanad during Second Stage of Senator Sean Barrett’s private member’s Bill Universities (Development and Innovation) (Amendment) Bill 2015] I thank Senator Barrett for allowing me the privilege of seconding this worthy legislative proposal. If and when somebody sits down to write the history of this Seanad, he or she will acknowledge that … Continue reading

Plain Packaging for Cigarettes

[Speaking in the Seanad during Second Stage of the Public Health (Standardised Packaging of Tobacco) Bill] I welcome the Minister. This is a very good day for him. I laud his efforts in public health and I think he will be remembered for the good work he has done on these two Bills, among other … Continue reading

Higher Education and Research (Consolidation and Improvement) Bill

Eamonn Farrell - Photocall Ireland

[speaking in the Seanad during Second Stage of the Higher Education and Research (Consolidation and Improvement) Bill 2014] I am strongly supportive of Senator Barrett’s Bill. The presence of people like Senator Barrett in these Houses should be a lesson to us all. It says something about the way politics in general esteems expertise and … Continue reading

Seanad comments today 20th of December

EU Regulations regarding clinical trials

Speaking during the Address to Seanad Éireann by Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn I am involved in clinical research and I am troubled by the track record and future plans of the European Commission in this field. In 2001, the European clinical trials directive was put in place that was widely seen by those in the field … Continue reading

Medical Research -proposed changes to ethical research committees

I request the Leader to consider having a debate on medical and biomedical research, which is a very important sector of the economy. Not only does it increase the standards of science and medicine, and the standards of research, but it also improves clinical outcomes for patients and has positive and beneficial effects for the … Continue reading

Industrial Development (Science Foundation Ireland) (Amendment) Bill


I must declare an interest at the outset. While I derive no income or funds from SFI, I am the leader of a consortium funded by SFI, which will be in receipt of approximately €7.5 million worth of research funds over a five-year period. This has enabled us to build a unique nationwide consortium of … Continue reading

Recognition for Irish science researchers

…. during this, the year of science … there are two other Irish people who, I believe, deserve recognition. .. One of them is Professor Ernest Walton, RIP, who still has the unique distinction of being the only Irish recipient of any Nobel prize in science, a man who made a wonderful contribution to science … Continue reading

Which problem are we fixing by introducing this extra bureaucracy? The answer is none.


Having worked on the fringe and, in recent years, directly in the academic medical and academic scientific sectors for the past 19 years, I have a certain perspective on this matter. It is that we have not supported the sector well and that any deficiencies that exist within the sector cry out for reform of … Continue reading

HSE National Service Plan, Single-tier Healthcare, Health Research

I compliment the Minister on his vision for reform of the health service and I wish him well with its implementation. The challenge of implementation will be very difficult and, as I have said to him on many occasions, he will have my support in pushing towards a reform of the system to create an … Continue reading