Seanad Reform

[Speaking in the Seanad during Statements on the Report of Working Group on Seanad Reform 2015] I welcome my two esteemed colleagues and thank them for the great work they have done in a spirit of public service. Any departures I might have from the consensus that may have existed within its group about its … Continue reading

Government’s Dismal Progress in Political Reform – We Need to Move Away from sheepdog-like behaviour

[Speaking in the Seanad during Committee Stage of Seanad Bill 2013] I am stunned at the effrontery of the Government side in trying to be so utterly obstructionist about every aspect of this Bill. Those Members were elected on the promise of political reform but have split themselves asunder on the issue of abolishing the … Continue reading

Political Reform

[Speaking during Order of Business in the Seanad] It is timely that we would ask the relevant Minister, who, in truth, would probably be the Taoiseach, to come to the House at some stage for a broad-ranging debate on political reform. At the time of the Seanad referendum last year substantial and welcome attention was … Continue reading

Appointment of John McNulty to IMMA Board

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] It is very regrettable we did not have an opportunity to ask all our questions yesterday evening and such questions as were asked were not answered. I refer to a couple of core questions which the Minister, Deputy Humphreys, needs to answer. Part of the qualification of … Continue reading

Vested interests will be only ones to benefit if senators shown door

As published in the Sunday Independent on 29 September 2013 Getting rid of the upper house is a cynical ploy that won’t save a cent. Ask yourself one question as Enda requests that you abolish one half of our national parliament. Cui bono? Who benefits? Vested interests are pushing Seanad extinction as a smokescreen to … Continue reading

Seanad recall: organ donation finally gets attention it deserves; Far from being a publicity stunt, the debate was a great help to organ donation

Eamonn Farrell - Photocall Ireland

As published in the Sunday Independents on 25 August 2013 WHEN a person has irreversible, endstage failure of the heart, lungs or liver, death is sadly inevitable. It can be a lingering death, which although delayed and palliated by medication, inflicts upon its victims a dreadful helplessness while they bear witness to their own decline. … Continue reading

It is time for change. Seanad reform would be a small first step.


When I ran for election in 2011 I stated that I would campaign for reform or abolition of the currently undemocratic Seanad. This week, I am honouring that commitment by introducing a Seanad reform bill to the chamber, a bill which if passed would not only democratise the electoral process for the upper house by … Continue reading