Approach to health reform must be comprehensive not piecemeal

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] A probably apocryphal story is told about a country which had been decolonised following a long association with the UK and decided as a symbol of its independence that it would move from having all the traffic driving on the left British-style to driving on the right … Continue reading

Ireland has the worst managed healthcare system in the developed world

Health Care Reform

While Ireland does not have the worst quality of healthcare, it is run by technically deficient, medically illiterate bureaucrats, says Professor John Crown. What healthcare model should we be looking to? AS IT IS currently structured, the Irish healthcare system ensures that people spend an inordinate amount of time not being treated for what ails … Continue reading

HSE National Service Plan, Single-tier Healthcare, Health Research

I compliment the Minister on his vision for reform of the health service and I wish him well with its implementation. The challenge of implementation will be very difficult and, as I have said to him on many occasions, he will have my support in pushing towards a reform of the system to create an … Continue reading

Revealing the illness within

Book review as published in the Irish Times on 11th July, 2009 Irish Apartheid: Healthcare Inequality in Ireland by Sara Burke New Island : A focus on the inequality built into the bedrock of the Irish health system helps identify just why it is so ineffective THE CENTRAL problems of the Irish health system are … Continue reading

Discard party politics for sake of our health

Published in the Sunday Independent on 4th January, 2009 Fine Gael did the country a service last week when they promised to implement a version of the Dutch health care system, one of the world’s best, within four years of assuming government. Taken in the context of the usual ground-shifting, waffley, and interchangeable aphorisms that … Continue reading

Health bureaucrats are architects of a new brand of ‘apartheid’

Published in the Sunday Independent on 17th August, 2008 Under recent plans, private patients are whites and public patients ‘Kaffirs’. The most chilling, the most horrifying movie that I ever saw was a docudrama set entirely in a boardroom. There was no blood, no gore, no decapitations, in fact no shocks at all. Rather, there … Continue reading

Even my kids deny their dad’s a doctor

Published in the Sunday Independent on 10th February 2008 John Crown laments the greedy reputation consultants gained in the marathon contract negotiations There have been recent welcome signs of an emerging debate on the need for true and fundamental reform of the healthcare system. Leading economists from both right and left, the Fine Gael and … Continue reading

A year of despair, where pleas for solutions fell on deaf ears

Published in the Sunday Independent on 30th December, 2007 John Crown reflects on what has been a disastrous 12 months for our health service The year 2007 was truly an annus horribilis in the Irish health service. Bad news abounded. The nostalgic may hanker after the carefree innocent days of spring when, according to the … Continue reading

Reality that two tiers have to become one is finally dawning

Published in the Sunday Independent on 2nd December, 2007 After a year of pointing fingers, is the Government ready to take responsibility, asks John Crown One good thing may come from the extraordinary series of cancer service related events that have occurred over the last weeks. It might be a small consolation to the women … Continue reading

Cancer services reform

Published in the Sunday Tribune on 11th November, 2007 We cannot reform cancer services in a vacuum. We need to reform the entire health service. The two-tier hierarchy of healthcare must be brought to an end and, in its place, we must establish a single-tier, not-for-profit Bismarckian model like Germany’s, which has done spectacularly well … Continue reading