New effective but expensive cancer treatments and tax changes for revenue raising for medical treatment

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I will give some good and some bad news and in the process ask the Deputy Leader and the representatives of the Government parties to communicate to the Minister for Health and possibly to schedule a debate in this Chamber on an issue that has become a … Continue reading

Regulation for the use of tanning sunbeds

[Speaking in the Seanad during Committee Stage of the Public Health (Sunbeds) Bill] Ba mhaith liom comhghairdeas a dhĂ©anamh leis an Aire ar an Bhille. It is great news that the Bill has passed. In addition to the practical implications of protecting young people against the harmful effects of unnecessary ultraviolet radiation, it gives us … Continue reading

Regulation of Sunbeds Usage

[Speaking in the Seanad during Committee Stage of the Public Health (Sunbeds) Bill 2013] There were 400 newly diagnosed cases of malignant melanoma in Ireland in 1998. That number had increased dramatically to 800 by 2008 and to 1,100 by 2010. Other kinds of skin cancer which are less life-threatening, but are still life-threatening and … Continue reading

Actions to help in the fight against cancer

[Speaking in the Seanad] We had a recent discussion and the Seanad sponsored a consultation on lifestyle changes and cancer. If, however, the Seanad is not to leave itself open to an extraordinary charge of hypocrisy in making aphoristic statements, it needs to come to grips with a few things that we in this House … Continue reading

Health issues related to cancer

[Speaking in the Seanad on the report of the Seanad Public Consultation Committee: ” How lifestyle changes can help reduce cancer rates”] I must admit I knew very little about the fact that this process was taking place or the consultations it involved. Consequently, I am approaching it as something of an ingenue. That said, … Continue reading

The need for regulation of sunbed usage

[Speaking on matters on the adjournment] I urge the Government to introduce legislation regulating the sunbed sector at the earliest opportunity. I am pleased to say the Minister of State at the Department of Health, Deputy Kathleen Lynch, has graciously informed me that such legislation will be introduced very shortly. I will be taking a … Continue reading

Slip, slap, slop and save skin

Published in the Sunday Independent on 23rd May 2010 The increase in sunbed use and sun holidays has led to a large rise in cases of malignant melanoma. Cancer scare stories are usually unfounded, but one very scary, very true story about cancer in Ireland emerged in recent weeks. The National Cancer Registry published figures … Continue reading