Health – Transplant Services; Waiting Lists; Breast Cancer Drugs; Vaccination Rates

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I also request that the Minister come in and update us on the transplant situation. Over the past few years, those in charge of transplant policy in the country have felt it has been very unco-ordinated. We have seen other examples of problems in the health service … Continue reading

Heart (TAVI) Operations Suffering Due to a Lack of Co-ordinated Planning and Funding by the HSE

Speaking in the Seanad during Commencement Matters on “The need for the Minister for Health to address the inadequate and inefficient organisation of the TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implant) programs across the State, causing delays and lengthy waiting lists for patients.” Watch the video of this short debate here: Senator John Crown: Cuirim fáilte roimh … Continue reading

Unprecedented Meltdown in the Health Service

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I know that I am beginning to sound like a broken record and that the attention of many in the Oireachtas has been distracted by other events which will take place in the first quarter of 2016. However, we cannot lose sight of the fact that there … Continue reading

The Need for Transparency Around Health Data

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I wish to comment on reports over the weekend about wide disparities in survival from cardiac events or heart attacks in hospitals across the country. This had a particular resonance for me because in the early years of this particular Seanad, similar specific allegations were made about … Continue reading

Overcrowding of Hospital Beds is a Symptom of bigger problem

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I have noticed substantial speculation in recent days which is a result of the welcome attention that has been placed on a very unwelcome problem, namely, the question of overcrowding in emergency rooms and the ultimate cause of the bottlenecks that prevent people in need transitioning through … Continue reading

Health Reform

[Speaking in the Seanad during a Fianna Fail Private Members Motion on Health Services] Again, I welcome the Minister. He is a young man and is about the same age as I was when I first became a consultant oncologist in Ireland’s medical service. I was full of enthusiasm and optimism and thought a problem … Continue reading

Hospital Waiting Lists and How They Are Compiled

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I am sorry if I sound like a broken record, but we will need to have a fresh debate on the issue of hospital waiting lists in the aftermath of data and an international comparison being published, both of which emerged during the week. As the Minister … Continue reading

Increased Staff Numbers at HSE contrasting with Unacceptable Waiting Lists for Patients

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] I am proposing an amendment to the Order of Business. I want him [Minister for Health] to explain how it is that two days ago we saw statistics indicating that 50,000 people, approximately 1.25% of the entire population, were on waiting lists in the health service for … Continue reading

We need an appropriately resourced national Genetic Centre

[Speaking in the Seanad during Order of Business] Several articles in the newspapers today refer to the issue of clinical genetics, an issue I have previously highlighted in the House. I ask the Deputy Leader to request the Minister for Health or one of the Ministers of State at the Department of Health to give … Continue reading